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Working Together

Our clients are the most important members of our design-build team. You are the one who knows what you want, what you like, what you want to pay, and what you want your home to be.

Research Partners

When building a truly custom home, there are innumerable choices to be made. Rather than leaving you on your own to wade through them — or making choices for you that you would rather make for yourself — we work with you to help you determine the specifications that meet your individual needs.

We work to screen out products of poor quality or that are a poor fit for your home, and to help you find that color, fixture or material of your dreams.

Problems into Solutions

Environmental hazard restrictions. Peek-a-boo views. Strict building restrictions. Last-minute changes. We solve problems like this every day. It just takes a little teamwork — you, us, the tradesman, the supplier... whoever and whatever it takes. Sometimes, these unpleasant surprises even lead to solutions you'll love better than what you originally had in mind.

Seize the Opportunity

And when an unforeseen opportunity presents itself, the same teamwork allows us to make the most of it. An unanticipated second-floor view might call for a window relocation, or perhaps a new appliance comes on the market that would be better than what you already chose. We don't shy away from your mid-project changes - we embrace them, because these are the details that make the home its best. And this is what makes it fun!

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