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The Design-Build Way

Hands-on from concept to completion, we design the homes we build and build the homes we design.

Designed to Live In

When Peter puts pencil to paper to create the ideal home design for you, his vision is of the ideal home for you. But the real end-result is not a set of plans, it is your home. So everything we design is designed to be built - structurally practical, suited to the location, and livable.

Designed to the Budget

Whether you mean to spend four-hundred-thousand dollars or two million dollars building your custom home, you want to spend what you want to spend.

That is why, as builders who understand the costs of construction, we keep costs in mind during the design phase, when it is relatively easy to modify the floor-plan or to simplify something in order to reduce expense. After all, what's the point of a great home design if you can't afford to build it?


A custom home design is not complete until it's constructed. When a custom home begins to take shape in three dimensions, adjustments and modifications are inevitable. As designer-builders, we can make these changes on the fly — no need to refer plans back to an architect.

Because we intimately understand not just the plans but the original intent, we know how to preserve the integrity and beauty of the design throughout any modifications.

By building the home we design for you, we ensure that your home's evolution into reality is accomplished with structural soundness and with you in mind. Together we seize new opportunities, as they reveal themselves, to take advantage of a newly-discovered view or unused space, making the home even better for you.

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