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Committed to the Client

Project passion

We do this for a living. But it is also what we love. We are proud of what we do and we love to see our creations come to life. Most importantly, we are building you a home to enhance your life, and we care about the outcome as much as you do.

Due diligence

Special orders, hard-to-get samples, custom colors, searches for rare products — we're not going above-and-beyond to provide this kind of service, it's just what we do.

We provide exclusive planning aids to organize options and help you focus. We go with clients to the showrooms. We help them through the process, and we are on there on call to answer the latest question, solve the next problem, or hear your new idea.

Getting personal

We work pretty intimately with our clients. After all, what is more personal than your home? By the time a project is finished we've exchange thousands of emails and scores of phone calls with each client, in addition to the many face-to-face conversations in places ranging from the job site to our dining table.

The lasting relationships we have formed with many of our clients, many of whom have remained good friends over the years, is the ultimate reward for what we do.

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A Family Team