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Utterly Personalized

A truly custom home created exclusively for you and your site. Unlike your neighbors’. Unlike anything else.

Tailored to fit your land

We begin a home design project by considering the site.

We enjoy the challenge of designing homes for unusual and difficult terrain such as view property, steep slopes or geologic hazard zones. But virtually every home site has unique factors – environmental conditions, government regulations, legal restrictions, neighborhood rules – to be accounted for before the first line is drawn.

The perfect design for your neighbor's property might be a poor compromise for your own. Because every home we design is entirely unique, your design is created for your land and yours alone.

Unique. Like you.

There are thousands of home designs sitting in plan-books. But stock plans never seem to suit our clients. They need a home design created just for them.

We work intimately with our clients as we prepare to design their home, accounting for a myriad of personal needs, preferences and details. Your cooking style, your hobbies, furnishings, storage, who will live in the house and who will visit, in which rooms you want sun or shade, openness or privacy, how your family's needs may change over the years... pages of notes and scores of details from which we work as we design your ideal home.

Just as important as your personal needs is your personal style. Everyone has things they like or don't like in the spaces around them. Come to your design consultation with clippings, ideas, that stock plan that was not-quite-right, all your inspirations. We will transform them into the home design you really wanted. Our clients love how their home is designed to be their home. Comfortable. Expressive. Right.

Let's Get Specific

It's all in the details. A custom home is comprised of specifications – thousands of them. We specify the best quality construction products affordable, to build a home to last a lifetime. But when it comes to the details that will touch your life every day, you are the expert.

With our full-service, hands-on assistance, you will have the opportunity to choose and specify the right products for your home. We guide you to the most reliable brands, and the best styles and solutions that fit your design and your needs. You make the decision about what fixtures, surfaces, and materials comprise your custom home.

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