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Deckscapesm decks

Deckscapesm decks – landscaping using decks – are a signature feature of a Peter Asher house. Like everything we create for our clients, the decking is custom-designed for each individual home and lot.

Innovative designs

Decks of various sizes, shapes and levels can extend from any side of the house. Steps, stairs, railings, planters and benches are integral parts of the design. Walkways, bridges, plantings, tables, lamps, gates and fences – any outdoor element can be incorporated. We have been crafting elaborate, artful cedar deck systems since the 1960s. With their recent rise in popularity come an ever-increasing number of materials and design options.

Enduring materials

We generally build decks from western red cedar. Weathered to a beautiful silver color or stained in natural colors, cedar compliments the natural surroundings. We incorporate other materials – such as stone, glass, copper, and steel – to suit the preferences of each client.

Bring the outdoors in

Our clients find that Deckscape decks extend their living space, reduce yard maintenance, and add to the beauty of their homes.

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