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Building Underwater

Hurricane force winds. Horizontal rain. Encrusting ice. Sleet. Hail. Salt spray. On the Oregon Coast, we just call it weather.

Protection from House-eating Weather

Ocean-facing homes on the Oregon Coast must endure some of the harshest weather conditions in the country. Over our nearly two decades building in this region, and in hurricane country before that, we have been relentless in our continued search for ever-better materials and methods to hold up to these harsh conditions.

What Lies Beneath

Over a decade ago we were among the first builders in the region to permanently discontinue use of house wrap for siding underlayment in coastal conditions. We exclusively use thirty-pound felt to minimize risk of water penetration around nail holes. Thorough self-adhesive membrane around windows, at roof protrusions, and at wall corners, and flashing of all siding penetrations, keep water out of these vulnerable entry points.

Above it All

No matter how fast the gale-force winds, your roof needs to hold its ground. Our roofs in coastal areas are rated for 130-mph winds, installed over thirty-pound felt, with ice-and-water shield. Your gutters and drains will have torrents of water to cope with — we use systems designed specifically for heavy water conditions.

Points of Entry

People need to enter your home, and so do light and air. Water is not so welcome. So exterior fixtures, from doors and windows, to chimney caps and vents, all must be chosen with this in mind.

Untarnished Results

Corrosion of exterior-facing metals puts the entire structure at risk. Our ocean-front and ocean-view homes use only stainless steel for flashings, exposed hinges, and siding and trim fastenings. For exterior finish metals such as doorknobs, oxidation is unavoidable, so we help you select those that will beautify — not corrode. Light fixtures made of the wrong material can decay beyond use in just a few years — we'll help you select those that will shine on.

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