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Wade Wilson

Wade Wilson is National Marketing Manager for Rapidigm, Inc. and owner of a Newberg, Oregon home remodeled by Peter Asher Designs

”We were wanting to have a porch added onto our colonial style house but didn't know where to go. We were pointed to Peter Asher Designs and after some investigations decided to work with them on this project. This was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Peter and Robin came to my home and helped me with figuring out what the porch should look like (since we had almost no idea). They came back with several plans for us to choose from, each unique and beautiful. We picked our favorite and that is when the magic really began.

”The Peter and Robin team is one of perfection, as Peter begins with his imagination and mathematical designs, Robin applies her seamless support. I knew immediately after they began construction that this wasn't a person looking to make money on me, but someone who had pride in his work - and that is what makes the difference. Peter was there every step of the way, allowing me to make minor changes while in production and helping me see the final product.

”This small addition completely changed the look and feel of the house. I still get compliments after months of being completed about how beautiful the front of my house looks. The best thing about Peter Asher Designs, is not their work, but the love and pride they put into it. It shows with every board they put up and every layer of paint they apply. I would recommend Peter Asher Designs to anyone who is building a custom home or just adding on to an existing one. I have already commissioned them to build my next home!! You will no longer have to fear contracting, Peter Asher Designs will make it easy and comforting to you.“

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