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Robert Whear

An interview with Robert Whear, who's oceanfront vacation home in South Beach on the Oregon Coast was created by Peter Asher Designs

What do you like best about your Peter Asher house?
”The flow, the architecture, the function.“

How do you feel inside?
”Exuberant. I'm always excited to get there, in the house, and encouraged to show my friends.“

What do you espeically enjoy?
”The wrap-around deck access. You have access all the way around from the master bedroom all the way around the house. I don't use the door from the master bedroom much, but it's just knowing the access is there, and also the access to all the views from the deck, as you walk around.“

What did you appreciate about working with Peter Asher Designs?
”Honesty, due diligence, integrity, experience, communication.“

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