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Owners of the Shell Seeker

The owners of this oceanfront vacation home in South Beach on the Oregon Coast had this to say

”What we wanted was to bring the outside in, because of our unique location, and that's what we got openness and spaciousness, not feeling confined. The house brought warmth inside, with an earthy feel, like outdoors. We felt we were right on the ocean, but were comfortable and warm inside...

”We wanted a house that was livable, aesthetically pleasing, functional, had spectacular views, and was timeless ... Fifty years from now, the house Peter built for us will be just as beautiful because of the windows, the design, and the beams. Peter's strongest points are envisioning the way the design will be and being so meticulous about the way it is all designed and finished – the way the miters on the wood fit together, the perfectionism of the joints, and Peter's idea of enclosing the beams in cedar.

”We appreciated your honesty, and that you always kept track of where we were financially, so we knew what the extra costs were as we went along and there were no huge surprises.“

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