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Terry Olson

Terry Olson and Greg Rivelli commissioned an expansion-remodel from a small house we had previously built for another owner.

”In late 2000 we purchased a home located in the sleepy town of Neskowin on the Oregon Coast. Peter Asher Designs designed and built the home for a retired woman. The previous owner built it with a limited budget and did not require the living space a family would need. The first owner did not maximize the view of an estuary and the Pacific Ocean.

”Shortly after we took possession of this home, we contacted Peter & Robin Asher. We asked them to go back to the drawing board and see how we could get more square footage but at the same time capitalize on the view. Peter explained that the original plans called for more living space, but the previous owner did not have the funds to pay for it.

”When Peter got back to us with new plans, we reviewed them. Then Peter, Robin, my husband and I did some brainstorming. They listened carefully and then revised the plans. We finally agreed on a set of plans. As in any construction, situations arise and other concepts come to the forefront. Peter and Robin were very flexible. Whenever they saw an opportunities to capitalize on view and space, they brought them to our attention and asked if we were interested in pursuing them. As a result, our current home is all we dreamed of and more. We couldn't be happier.

”Peter and Robin Asher are extremely easy to work with. Robin is very detail oriented and is very good at keeping the project on track. Peter did a wonderful job of designing our home as well as constructing it. The biggest compliment one can give is--you would never know the house went through a renovation. The house looks like it has always been the way it is today. We have no hesitation in recommending Peter and Robin Asher as your designer, general contractor or builder. As we have done in the past, we are happy to open our home to prospective clients so they too can see the wonderful job the Ashers did for us.

”I can't tell you how thankful and fortunate Greg and I feel having this home. It truly is a dream come true.

”We still are in love with our home and view. It must make you feel good to know that your talent created this peaceful paradise for us. When we open the door and walk through, it is like taking a step into a different world. The stress is left at the front door.“

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