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Jerri and Roy Hansen

Jerri and Roy are the owners of Eyrie House, built by Peter Asher Designs overlooking views of the estuary and the ocean in Pacific City, Oregon

”We searched, informally, for literally decades before deciding to get serious and find a home on the Oregon coast. This search led us to a lot in Pacific City, that we knew needed a designer and builder capable of creating a design that would not only optimize the view, but would fit harmoniously with the surrounding area and the neighborhood. This in turn led us to Peter and Robin, who worked with us to realize a dream home that we hadn't even envisioned ourselves.

”We entered into a contract with Robin and Peter for a design-build project. We had heard many horror stories from friends and relatives about problems they had had with their builders. So the option to have Peter design a house to our specifications, and then actually build it too, seemed the best way to proceed. In retrospect, we would absolutely choose the same route, and would definitely choose Robin and Peter again.

”Peter is an absolute master builder. He is a true craftsman in every sense of the word. His specialty is designing and building a home that is completely unique, and that exactly fits the site. Peter's spontaneity and adaptability allowed us to make changes when we saw fit. Some were our ideas and some were Peter's and Robin's. But in every case, we discussed them openly and were able to reach a decision that we were all happy with.

”Robin is tenacious in her work of researching products and techniques, ordering, scheduling, planning, and coordinating. Robin has a holistic approach that we really like. She is completely professional in all her dealings. This meant that changes we made throughout the project didn't turn out to be surprises. Robin kept in daily email and phone contact with us throughout the project, so we were always on the same page.

”Peter and Robin make an excellent team. Peter is the lead designer and builder, but they both worked together, and with us, on the creative aspects of the project. In addition, we developed an easy friendship with them, that we're sure will continue.

”When we started, one of the things that I mentioned that I love about our location is the way the weather is always changing, and how the light hits the water. The way the sky and air look and feel. The way it IS to be here. Peter captured these feelings, and designed a home for us that is incomparable.“

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