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Janet Greer

Janet Greer on the design phase of her home being built in Neskowin, Oregon

”I have been working with Peter Asher Designs to build a beach house in Neskowin, Oregon. I had originally planned to purchase a stock house plan and have family and friends do most of the building. However, after visiting the Peter Asher Designs website, I so much appreciated all the informative documents Robin had put together (free to print on your own computer) that I decided maybe I really did need experts to handle this. Particularly since I have a beautiful site for the house, but one that involves geo-hazard and other restrictions.

”Robin has been extremely helpful and patient in answering my many questions about the process of obtaining engineering reports, utility approvals, and various other aspects of preparation to build. In fact, some of the questions have been asked more than once, and she has graciously tried to explain it in another way, that I might more easily understand the ramifications of each decision.

”I have never had a house built before and have not previously lived on the coast, so Peter's and Robin's suggestions and input about types of siding, roofing, doors, and windows have been particularly helpful. I have received a very liberal education about the ins and outs of building on the coast, including where the winds will blow from during each season, what parts of the house will be most protected, and where I will have rain beating relentlessly down.

”Peter was great about taking my few vague ideas of what I would like in a house plan and translating that into something really unique and beautiful. He is wonderful about adapting his plan to specific things that you may decide on later. For instance, we had the design and plans nearly completed when he mentioned how plain the front entry looked in comparison to the rest of the house. With a few quick strokes, he had created an additional sidelite and an unusual window above the door. It made all the difference in the presentation of the house.

”In addition, Robin is very specific about each item in the house – including lighting, heating, appliances, etc. – so that when she puts together the cost estimate, it will be as accurate as possible. To me, a cabinet is a shelving unit with a couple of shelves, a drawer or two, and some doors. To Robin, it is a style, a finish, type of doors, knobs or pulls, shelves or drawers, and other possible accessories. She is very gifted at making you think about what you really like and whether certain things are important to you or not.

”I have not seen the finished product since we are still in the planning stages, but I am certain that the house will be beautiful (Peter's design); functional (Robin's good sense); and a lovely, workable whole (a combination of Peter and Robin's individual expertise). “

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