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Kathy and Buck Fitzgerald

Kathy and Buck Fitzgerald are the owners of a hilltop farm house in Newberg, Oregon remodled by Peter Asher Designs

”We are absolutely thrilled with our decision to work with Peter Asher Designs. I was particularly impressed with both Peter and Robin from the first day we met. You both have a gift for taking each other's design ideas and expanding upon them to create wonderful concepts to select from. Also at that first meeting, I appreciated the discussions surrounding our height-challenged room. No other prospective designer provided as thorough a perspective as Peter. After having Peter around throughout the remodel, I now know that his perspective is based on many years of hands-on experience rather than office-only design. Throughout the design process, you and Peter were patient and always looked for ways to keep our remodel within budget and didn't flinch when we needed to modify the budget after 9-11.

”Once the remodel phase kicked-in, we were thrilled with the amount of time Peter spent assuring the job was completed correctly. We found Peter to be exacting and appreciated his ability to work with the different subcontractors to ensure the job was finished to his expectations, which were never lower than ours. The property was always well-maintained; we never had to worry about trash, foul language, or loud music. To this day, there is nothing that we would change. I attribute this to your and Peter's willingness to discuss ideas, provide input and make changes as necessary.

”Throughout the remodel, I appreciated your detailed accounting practices and frequent communication which kept us appraised of where money was spent in order for us to better understand the services received. Having never gone through a remodel before, I was hesitant about how this would work and, looking back, I couldn't imagine a better system. Buck and I can't thank you enough for the wonderful experience and beautiful home.“

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