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Helen Burke

Helen Burke's Portland home was remodeled and made accessible by Peter Asher Designs

”Peterís design is not only functional but also very aesthetic. He is an artist and his designs are very pleasing to the eye. I not only have an accessible home, I have a beautiful home, and this is purely as a result of Peter Asher doing the design.

”Peter normally builds the homes he designs and puts a lot of attention into small details. He has very high standards. Robin manages the projects, and her administration is impeccable. Everything is itemized, so it is easy to see where every penny goes.

”I have now been living in my Peter Asher designed home for almost a year. It is such a joy. I had no idea what a difference the design of a house could make in your life! To come home and be happy just because the space is aesthetic is wonderful. Peter did a great job.“

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